Back in the Y2K

Back in Y2K, there was… Well, there was the Y2K bug and so many crazy stories that filled our lives during those days. The rainy winter days, waiting at the bus stop for a bus that never arrived on time. The long summer afternoons melting on an office without AC.

Back in the Macromedia Flash days, when and were gods, we were following on those footsteps and putting out Flash-powered websites backed by content management systems. What is pretty much the norm nowadays, was groundbreaking back then. Here are some remnants of those long forgotten times.

Crooked Store


Carvalhos M. Moura

J Dias Cooperage

Loja dos Idiomas


All copyright to the respective owners. Most of these websites are now, sadly, defunct. But some of them were updated throughout the times and are still our clients, 20 years after.